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Elimu Smart

Elimu Smart

Elimu Smart is a new school fees insurance solution which guarantees that your child's school fees continues to be paid in their current school should an unfortunate event occur leaving you unable to provide for them.

It is flexible, affordable and fully available online without the need to visit any physical branch or present physical documents. Elimu Smart covers the following eventualities;

The unfortunate event of a parents death from natural causes or as a result of an accident.

A parent is diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer, stroke, heart disease etc. 

In the case of total and permanent disability as a result of injury or illness which leaves the parent unable to work and provide for their family.

This cover is renewable every year and the premium you pay is calculated based on your child's current school fees. You also have the flexibility to select the number of years you would want the school fees covered for.

Elimu Smart is brought to you through a Britam and Bismart partnership.

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