Claims and Accidents Procedure Changes

Claims Procedure Changes - Accidents Within Nairobi and its Environs

Britam recognizes that, by their very nature, accidents are unplanned and traumatizing. In view of this, we continue to put in place measures to ease the disruption that accidents cause in the lives of our customers. We are therefore pleased to inform you of the following changes to our claims procedures:

  1. Availability of Britam 24/7 Rescue Service
  2. Accident Assessment and Motor Claims Process for Nairobi Area

1)   Britam 24/7 Rescue Service

Britam 24/7 Rescue Service is available free of charge to all motor comprehensive insurance customers for accidents within a 40 Km radius of Nairobi. This service entitles our customers to the following:

  1. Free Towing
  2. Free Accident Assistance
  3. Assistance in obtaining a police abstract and guidance in submitting the claim to Britam

In the unfortunate event of an accident please call 0705 100 100 to access this free 24-hour rescue service.

2)   Changes to Motor Claims Process for Accidents occurring in Nairobi Area

We are pleased to announce the following changes to our motor claims process. These changes are effective from 1 July 2019.

  1. Vehicles involved in accidents that occur within Nairobi County and its environs will be assessed at the Britam Assessment Center, Road A, Industrial Area. This will ensure we closely monitor the time taken for the assessment reports to be generated and repair authorizations/ discharge vouchers issued to our customers.
  2. Garage allocation will be done at the Assessment Centre. This will ensure that efficiency and quality of work performed by each Garage is closely monitored. Cash-In-Lieu will continue to be availed to customers who choose to use other garages.
  3. Minor damage claims will continue to be assessed at the Britam Express Assessment Centre in Upper Hill.

These changes are geared towards the improvement of service levels offered by our repair and assessment partners.

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