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Health is of prime importance to an Individual. Good health keeps you motivated and productive. Healthcare costs are expensive. In this time of rising medical costs, Britam Milele is the perfect health protection. It manages you and your families’ health related needs right from hospitalization to post-hospitalization. The product takes care of inpatient claims and is designed to suit your need and is pocket friendly. The plans are available for individuals and families.

Benefits offered by the Britam Milele Health Plan:

  • Lifetime Cover
  • Overseas Treatment
  • Free Personal Accident &
  • Critical illness cover
  • Free professional consultation in
  • Stress management, nutrition & health
  • Family Planning


Cover is available on credit basis in our country wide panel of service providers. To provide you with best health insurance coverage and to let you decide the right policy that suits your needs, we have made six plan variants available.


  • The applicants must be Kenyan citizens or residents.
  • Minimum joining age is after birth provided baby is clinically discharged.
  • A new born is added onto the cover by filling an application form and attaching the birth notification.
  • Maximum entry age is 70 years with no maximum exit age. The cover will be available for Life subject to a satisfactory performance and continuous disclosure at every renewal.
  • Customers over 50 years are eligible subject to a satisfactory medical test from a Britam appointed provider at applicant’s cost.
  • Children over 18 years are covered up to 25 years with proof of schooling.
  • Premiums are based on the age of the applicant.
  • Compulsory requirement for NHIF membership.
  • Members who are on transfer will have to provide proof e.g. a renewal invitation letter. The cover should not have lapsed but can accept those within grace period of 30 days after expiry. Waiting periods will only be waived against the benefits the member was enjoying in the previous cover.
  • Enjoyment of cover at renewal is subject to favorable performance.

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