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Britam Wealth Management

The wealth management product is aimed at achieving high-income return generated through investments in fixed income securities whilst ensuring risk is minimized or controlled. To achieve these two objectives, the Fund Manager invests client funds in security classes such as :

  1. 1. Listed Treasury Bonds & Bills
  2. 2. Listed Corporate Bonds
  3. 3. Structured Notes
  4. 4. Commercial Papers
  5. 5. Other fixed income securities
 features of the product
  • Minimum Amount Kshs. 1Mn
  • Minimum Top-up Kshs. 500,000
  • Investment tenors 3,6, 12 months, above 1 year
  • Underlying Fixed Income securities
  • Management Fees 1%
  • Custody Fees 0.10%
  • Hurdle Rate 9 -9.5% *

*NB: Hurdle rate is dependent on investment duration and may vary depending on market volatility. Figure is Gross of Tax.

  • Principal Protection Strategy
  • Enhanced return
  • Effective cash-flow management

Corporate entity

1. Founding Documents

i. Companies – Certificate of Incorporation or

ii. Partnership – Partnership Agreement or

iii. Other Legal entities - Constitution or other founding documents, and

iv. Memorandum and Articles of Association

2. Other documents

i. Resolution/Mandate authorizing the investment - A document demonstrating that the entity and/or its officers are duly authorized to enter into this Agreement

ii. Copy of PIN (Tax) Certificate

iii. Copy of Tax exemption certificate (where applicable)

3. Documents from each authorized representative

i. Copy of ID or passport

ii. Passport Size Color photograph (N/A for Standard Chartered Bank Custody Account)

Individual Application (Natural persons)

1. Copy of ID or Passport

2. Copy of Utility Bill (not more than 3 months old) or a Proof of Address letter

3. Copy of tax exemption certificate (where applicable)

4. Passport size color photograph (N/A for Standard Chartered Bank Custody Account)

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