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This is a school fees guarantee for the continuity of a pupil or student’s education, in primary or secondary school respectively, only when there is demise or accidental total and permanent disability of a parent/guardian.
The cover will be administered by the school and included in the fees in order to give equal opportunity to all children.

Private schools, both primary and secondary.

•    This is a term insurance that insures the school fees paying parent’s life.
•    The product covers annual school fees in the event of Natural and accidental death of the parent.
•    It extends to cover total and permanent disability due to an accident.
•    It has a fixed benefit and is renewable annually for a maximum of 4 years depending on the class the child is enrolled. The sum insured reduces with the remaining years of school.


The cost of the cover is 1.4% of annual school fees. This is distributed in 4 year or 8 year tranches, but reduces with the remaining years of school. If the school chose to pay premiums annual, the premium rates shall be 1.2%.

See a guide on how the cover works for different level of classes in the brochure.

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