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The Funeral Plan insurance is a product sold to families to cater for the funeral expenses in the event of death of a family member.

Members of the covered group can include only members of a nuclear family (spouse and children including the legally adopted) and the biological parents of both spouses below age 75 years.

Extended family members like brothers, sisters, grandparents etc. are not covered.

Individuals who may want to buy should be ready to pay the minimum premium for any option. One can also buy for less than 4 but again pay the minimum for any option.

Product Features

  • The funeral plan is sold to a family at least 4 lives assured as a stand-alone product.
  • Issue ages: Minimum is 18 years. Maximum 65 years at entry for the primary covered.
  • School-going children up to the age of 23 may also be covered.
  • Maximum age on cover is limited to 82 years.
  • Minimum premium: Kshs.770 -Maximum depends on the size of the family and option purchased.
  • Benefit (Sum assured): Minimum Kshs.150,000- Maximum Kshs.500,000
  • Term - No minimum or maximum term
  • There is no medical examination for the product.
    Premiums may be payable at various frequencies i.e. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually.

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