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Britam Milele is the perfect health protection. It manages you and your families’ health related needs right from hospitalization to post-hospitalization. The product takes care of inpatient claims and is designed to suit your need and is pocket friendly. The plans are available for individuals and families.

Benefits offered by the Britam Milele Health Plan:

  • Inpatient and Outpatient 
  • Lifetime cover
  • Overseas Treatment
  • Free Personal Accident & Critical illness cover
  • Free professional consultation in Stress management, nutrition & health
   Wellness webinar series : Covid Vaccine & Covid 3rd Wave Update 
     Wellness Webinar Series  :The New Normal at the Workplace 

To provide you with best health insurance coverage and to let you decide the right policy that suits your needs, we have made 4 plan variants available:

  • Advantage
  • Premier
  • Essential 1
  • Essential 2


Lifetime cover Yes Yes Yes Yes
Health lifestyle and Stress Management Support  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pre-existing, chronic and congenital conditions covered to the full limit Yes           No         No          No
Free professional health check up on principal and spouse Yes           Yes          No       No    
Access to all service providers countrywide Yes Yes Access to tier II and tier III providers. Access to to tier III providers.
Minimum premium  Minimum premium per annum Kshs.17,332 Minimum premium per annum Kshs.11,099 Minimum premium per annum Kshs.9,001 Minimum premium per annum Kshs.8,127
Critical illness for kshs. 5M and kshs. 10M limits  Yes Yes   No         No
Free personal accident Yes Yes           No          No
Last expense  Yes Yes Yes Yes
COVID-19 Treatment  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Telemedicine  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Pharmacy & Medicine delivery Yes Yes Yes Yes


Check out the rate cards and the hospitals panels below.

Rate card >> Download Here  Download Here Download Here Download Here
Hospital Panel >> Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here

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*Please indicate your preferred choice i.e. [Advantage, Premier, Essential 1, Essential 2] in the Description field when requesting for a quote below.

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