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Britam Asset Managers has in place platforms through which Kenyans based in the diaspora can access our investment opportunities. Our diaspora investment solutions are available in both Kenya Shillings and US Dollars and offer:

- Competitive returns

- A remittance platform to send funds

- Access to investment portfolios through our customer portal

We offer individual investment solutions and professional advice, suited to match your unique financial goals and help you achieve them. Select an investment solution that suits your needs from our wide range of bespoke packages.

if you are a first time user please download, fill in and sign the registration form and send it to diasporainvest@britam.com along side the following compulsory documents.

- Copy of ID/Passport

- Pin Certificate

- Utility Bill

- Copy of Bank Statement (Not more than 3 months old)


Our Products....

It is a unit trust that invests in short-term deposits. The investments are in treasury bills, treasury bonds, commercial paper and bank deposits of less than 12 months’ maturity profile.


  • It is a low-risk investment that gives an investor higher interest yields than bank deposit offers
  • It provides capital preservation and appreciation Interest is earned daily
  • It is also very liquid meaning an investor can with draw their funds in a short time
  • It is available for both retail and institutional investors
  • Currently available in KES only



  • Initial Kes. 10,000
  • Management Fee 2% per annum
  • Domicile Kenya
  • Fund Manager Britam Asset Managers
  • Trustees Kenya Commercial Bank
  • Custodian Standard Chartered

The wealth management product is aimed at achieving a high-income return generated through investments in fixed income securities whilst ensuring risk is minimized or controlled. To achieve these two objectives, the Fund Manager invests client funds in security classes such as: Listed Treasury Bonds & Bills, Listed Corporate Bonds, Structured Notes, Commercial Papers, Other fixed income securities


  • Principal Protection Strategy
  • Enhanced return
  • Effective cash-flow management



  • Initial Investment Kes. 1,000,000
  • Investment tenors 3,6, 12 months, above 1 year
  • Underlying Fixed Income securities
  • The hurdle rate is dependent on investment duration and may vary depending on market volatility. Figure is Gross of Tax.
  • Minimum Top-up: Kshs. 500,000

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