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Investment Linked Product(Personal)

Imarika Investment Plan

Imarika is a medium term goal driven, Unit-linked solution that offers you the opportunity to earn superior returns and enjoy life insurance at the same time. The plan enables you to plan and achieve your goals, whether it is saving for a child’s education, creating a fund to start or expand your business, buy or build your new home or simply to diversify your investment options.

How does Investment Linked Product?

Imarika offers superior returns, flexibility, affordability and insurance protection. You can make regular contributions from as low as Kes 1,000 daily, weekly or monthly. You can also opt for lumpsum contributions from Kes 50,000. There is no upper limit to how much or how often you can contribute. As you contribute, your funds earn competitive returns. At the end of the selected period, the policy pays the maturity value to the policyholder.

Who should buy Investment Linked Product?

Suitable for people looking to accumulate money within the medium to long term. It is targeted at clients who are looking for superior returns for their investments to achieve their goals. Clients with other investment products looking to diversify should also consider Imarika.

  • Superior returns: Imarika ensures that you earn competitive returns on your investment as the underlying fund is structured and managed to offer competitive returns of 8 - 12% per annum. In case of poor market performance, the product has a minimum guaranteed return of 5% per annum on maturity.
  • Affordable: Imarika allows you to contribute a minimum of only Kes 1,000 per month you can also choose to do lumpsum contributions from Kes 50,000.
  • Free Life Insurance: Imarika provides you with Free Life Insurance cover of Kes 50,000
  • Optional Partial Withdrawals: As the fund accumulates, you can make partial withdrawals anytime after three years at no charge.
  • Short term: Imarika investment plan is available from a term of 5 to 20 years. However, you can access your funds partially or in full from month 37 at no charge.
  • No withholding tax: Being a unit linked policy; your interest is not subjected to withholding tax. This means that you save 15% tax on the interest. Further, you can also apply for tax relief if the policy is 10 years or more.
  • Flexible contributions: you have the option to increase or reduce your contributions at any time with no penalties, giving you the opportunity to control how you get to your final goal.
  • Kenyan citizen with a valid national ID or passport and KRA pin number.
  • Resident with a valid resident’s certificate, KRA Pin number & work permit.
  • Age between 18 and 75 years on signup.
  • Have an email address.

Withdrawals before year 3 are subject to the early exit charges as follows;

  • Month 1 to Month 12 - 15% of the amount to be withdrawn,
  • Month 13 to Month 24 – 10% of the amount to be withdrawn,
  • Month 25 to Month 36 – 5% of the amount to be withdrawn,
  • Month 37 and beyond– no charge.        


  Imarika Charge: Management Fees: 0.33% per month

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