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Jipange #MdogoMdogo with the Money Market Fund

Do you have a dream or goal you wish to achieve within a certain timeframe? The Britam Money Market fund will help you plan your financial goals whether it be setting up an emergency fund, saving for school fees, or saving up for a business project. With the fund, you get to earn between 8-10%* in interest as you build your savings.

So, what is a Money Market Fund? This is a type of unit trust fund that invests in low-risk investments with an element of stable returns such as fixed deposit accounts, treasury bills or in a commercial bond. A money market fund invests mainly in fixed income securities with short investment duration and high credit quality.

Get started today by signing up via the MyBritam App or USSD *778# and start earning extra returns.

*The indicative rate of return shall not be guaranteed and past performance does not guarantee future investment performance. The Indicative Rate is not fixed and may, as such, vary from time to time depending on the investment period and prevailing economic, political or social circumstances. T&C's apply.  

  • Earn 8-10%* interest annually.
  • Easy sign up via MyBritam App available on Google Playstore and App Store and MyBritam Portal
  • Easily track your savings and transact via the above digital channels.
  • Easy withdrawal straight to your M-Pesa or Bank account within 48 hours. 
  • Also available via USSD *778#.

Invest from as low as Kshs. 1,000

  • Earn Daily compounding interest (9-11%*)
  • Ease of withdrawal - Within 48 hrs straight to M-Pesa/Bank

The Britam money market fund is your ideal investment option for cash you intend to use to meet your short term goals. These may include:

  • Emergency Fund
  • School Fees
  • Deposit - Car/Mortgage /Land
  • Chama/Investment Funds
  • Family and Staff welfare funds - for weddings and burials etc.
  • Wedding planning
  • Construction/Project funds
  • Holiday Planning, etc.

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