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Protection cover designed to provide an extra layer of financial security

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Critical Illness Cover

The Britam Critical Illness Plan is a protection cover designed to provide an extra layer of financial security in the event that one is diagnosed with Critical illness.


About Britam Critical Illness Cover

  • The Britam Critical Illness Plan covers a comprehensive list of illnesses namely Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Kidney failure, Coronary artery bypasses surgery, Aortic Surgery, Heart Valve Surgery, Major organ transplant, Paraplegia, Coma, Blindness, Multiple Sclerosis, Accidental Brain Damage, Motor Neuron Disease, Dementia (including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease)
  • The amount of premium one pays will depend on age and the amount of the sum assured ( that is a chosen benefit).
  • The premiums are affordable and are payable in a flexible way; monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
  • Various premium payment options are available e.g. Employer salary check-off, direct debit, personal cheques or mobile money transfer.
  • Britam will pay a lump sum amount equal to the sum assured in the event one is diagnosed with any of the defined critical illnesses.
  • This policy gives you access to personalized service by Britam

Why you need the Britam Critical Illness Cover?

  • Critical illnesses have recently become prevalent.
  • Many times, Critical Illnesses hit the family’s breadwinners hence affecting families financially and disabling the lifestyle a unit is used to.
  • However, more people are now surviving critical illnesses due to advanced medical science and improved hospital care. The outcome of a major health crisis is more likely to be survival than death.This means that more people need financial support during recovery and thus the reason you need the Britam Critical Illness Plan.
  • Sufficient protection against the financial shocks brought about by critical illnesses requires more than a usual life insurance cover.

Who is Britam Critical Illness Cover for?

Any Kenyan Citizen aged 18-60 is eligible to apply and take this cover.

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