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Biashara Insurance Plan

Britam Biashara insurance policy is a simplified combined solution tailored for SME’s.

The product offers a combined Solution covering-:

  • Fire (compulsory section)
  • Burglary (optional)
  • All Risks (optional)
  • Money (optional)
  • Goods in Transit – GIT (optional)
  • Work Injury Benefit - WIBA (optional)
  • Public Liability (optional)

The product is designed as a self-rated product, where the customer chooses the different solutions. Political Violence & Terrorism Cover extended up to a limit. The product also offers relaxed Warranties & Conditions.


Fire & Perils (compulsory section)

This is a compulsory section in this cover. Below are some features and benefits.

  • Covers ALL occupations other than the EXCLUDED
  • Political Risk Cover extended up to a limit of Kes.2M
  • Accidental Damage Cover extended up to a limit of Kes.1M
  • Max Limits (as per schedule)
  • Applicable Excess
  • Eq Excess
  • Accidental Damage Excess of Kes.5,000
  • Premium Rate 0.175% (1.75%o)


A client can choose an of below addition benefits

Theft (Burglary) (optional)

  • Hold-up cover inclusive
  • Political Risks extension up to Kes.2M
  • Personal Effects cover of Kes.20,000
  • Premium Rate on Full cover-0.55%
  • Pre-calculated First Loss Sum Insured options
  • Excess Kes.5,000

Money Section (optional)

  • Covers: Limit any one Claim/Year
  • Covers money in ‘Premises’, ‘Transit’, with ‘staff/directors’.
  • Max Limit of cover Kes.500,000
  • Cover on ‘reducing’ basis –reinstatement
  • No EAC thus No Declaration Condition
  • No Transit or Escort Warranty
  • Personal Effects cover up to Kes.20,000
  • Forced ATM withdrawal up to Kes.20,000
  • Airtime/scratch card limit Kes.20,000
  • Political Risks extension up to Kes.0.5M
  • Territorial limit: Kenya
  • Automatic Reinstatement (prem. from claim)
  • Premium Rate- 5%
  • Excess 10% eel minimum Kes.10,000

Property in Transit (optional)

  • Cover: Limit any one claim/year
  • No EAC thus no Declaration Condition
  • Cover on ‘Reinstatement Basis’
  • Coverage: Road Risk Cover ‘Collision, Overturning, Fire, Burglary, Hijack, R&S’
  • Goods belonging to Insured but carried by own or hired vehicles
  • Territorial Limit : Kenya (road, rail, sea, air)
  • Max Limit of over Kes.5,000,000
  • Political Risks extension up to Kes.0.5M
  • Personal Effects Cover (own crew) -20,000
  • Automatic Reinstatement (premium from claim)
  • Premium Rate- 3%
  • Excess 10% eel min. Kes. 10,000/-

Work Injury Benefit Combined (optional)

  • Combines both WIBA & EL covers
  • Limit of Liability: 4M/25M/50M
  • Insures ‘All Employees incl. working Directors’
  • No need to categorize occupations
  • Only Annual wage-roll required
  • Simplified Rating- 3% of wage-roll
  • Excess Kes.5,000
  • Incorporates Political Risks & Terrorism Ext.

Public Liability (optional)

  • Follows the stand cover
  • Extension for ‘Medical Treatment’-50,000
  • Premium Rate 0.1%
  • Excess- Nil
  • Simplified proposal-form
  • Rationalized Warranties & Conditions
  • Simplified Rating
  • No Quotation Required
  • Min Sections: Fire plus 2 others
  • Minimum Policy Premium Kes.7,500
  • Commission 20%

All Risks (optional)

  • Specified Business portable electronic items
  • Geographical area-Worldwide
  • ‘New for Old’-Items up to 12 Months
  • Political Risks extension up to Kes.0.5M
  • Max Limit of cover Kes.1M
  • Premium Rate on Full cover-15%0 (1.5%)
  • Excess 10% eel minimum Kes.5,000

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