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Akiba Endowment Plan

Akiba Endowment Plan

The Britam Akiba Plan is an Endowment product ( i.e designed to pay benefits after an agreed period) that provides you with a systematic savings vehicle to provide for a wide range of short and medium-term goals

Why Britam Akiba Endowment Plan

  • It offers higher returns compared to other average insurance savings products.
  • It is flexible allowing you the option for lower policy terms between 5 and 12 Years and affordable.
  • It allows for a higher entry age of up 65 compared to most endowment products which are normally set at 55 years.
  • Akiba pays a lump sum at maturity. In the unfortunate event of death before maturity, the free waiver of premium guarantees the payment of the maturity benefit. 
  • It has an optional death benefit rider, which pays the sum assured in the event of death of the assured life.
  • It allows a surrender benefit from the end of 25th policy month.



You are eligible to apply for the Britam Akiba Endowment Plan if you are between age 18 and 65 and a Kenyan citizen. You can apply by completing the Britam Akiba Endowment Plan application form for cover.

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