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Elimu Bora Education Plan

Elimu Bora Education Plan is a combination of insurance protection and savings that allows you to prepare for the cost of education of your child. The plan has been specifically designed to provide funds for your child’s fees while in secondary school and a lump sum amount for joining university.


What Are The Benefits Of Elimu Bora Education Plan?

  1. Guaranteed cash bonuses
    1. Five annual bonuses amounting of 20% of the sum assured are paid in cash after the child attains 13 years.
  2. Maturity benefit
    1. The policy will pay 100% of the sum assured on maturity before the insured 19th birthday regardless of any previous benefit payments e.g. death or bonuses as outlined above.
  3. Death benefit
    1. In the event of untimely death of the policy owner, Britam will pay the death rider, waive future premiums and provide full benefits at maturity. All future bonuses will be paid when they fall due.
    2. In the event of untimely death of the child, Britam will pay the sum assured or refund the premiums, whichever is higher.
  4. Lien option (Non-medical requirement)
    1. This option provides for an increasing death benefit. Death benefit will be a percentage of the sum assured at inception increasing to 100% of the sum assured from the fifth year. The increasing death benefit is cheaper and underwriting requirements are reduced.
  5. Tax Relief
    1. An insurance tax relief amounting to 15% of the premiums paid (subject to a maximum of Kshs. 5,000 per month) is available. The full amount payable at maturity of the policy is tax free.

Other optional benefits

  1. Family income benefit
    • This benefit provides monthly income to the family in event of untimely death of the policy holder until the policy matures.
  2. Child hospitalization benefit
    • The rider pays a fixed cash amount for each day during which the insured (child) is hospitalized following an accident.
  3. Disability benefit
    • If you are unable to continue with premium payments due to disability by reason of sickness or accident, Britam will waive all future premiums. All other benefits will be payable when due.
  4. Accidental indemnity benefit
    • This rider will pay an additional temporary disablement benefit, hospitalization benefit and a death benefit following an accident.
  5. Funeral expense cover
    • The rider provides a lump sum benefit on death of the insured to cover for funeral expenses and is payable within 48 hours.

Frequency and quantity discounts available as per the table below.

Monthly Premium (Kshs) Discount Rate
0 – 4,999 0.00%
5,000 - 9,999 5.00%
10,000 - 9,999 10.00%
20,000 - 29,999 12.50%
30,000 and above 15.00%


For more information on this product click here to download the “Elimu Bora Education Plan” brochure or kindly contact us or visit any one of our branches.

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