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Fariji Plan is a funeral plan from Britam that will help your family cater for your funeral expenses in the event of your death and give them peace of mind when they need it most.


Funeral plan provides protection cover only. Premiums are paid throughout the life of the insured with benefits including that the sum assured is applicable to each family member, no limit on the number and the maximum insured age is 82 years.


How does it work?

Anyone who meets the eligibility criteria can purchase cash benefit from as low as Kshs 100,000 up to a maximum of Kshs 500,000.


Some of the benefits include:

  • 50% of the cash benefit is paid within 72 hours of notification to Britam though a burial permit and the 50% upon submission of death certificate.
  • No medical examinations are required.
  • Cash benefit and premium payable are guaranteed up to your 75th birthday.
  • The cash benefit is paid to your beneficiary and they have discretion on how it will be utilized.

Fariji Funeral Cover Table

Entry Age Sum Assured Monthly Premium
Tier 1 Kshs Kshs
35 100,000 160
45 100,000 204
55 100,000 274
Tier 2 Kshs Kshs
35 250,000 400
45 250,000 510
55 250,000 685
Tier 3 Kshs Kshs
35 500,000 800
45 500,000 1020
55 500,000 1370

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