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Britam Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability insurance is designed for all businesses, Corporates, Small and Medium Enterprise entities. The cover protects your business against common cyber threats, such as ransomware, and also against new techniques used by criminals to steal or interrupt data

Britam Cyber Iinsurance Features
  • Covers loss or damage to Electronic Data.
  • Reputational costs caused by cyber-attack incidents.
  • Protects your business against data breach or malicious cyber attack that affects your computer systems.
  • Data losses caused by damage, theft, disruption or corruption of your electronic data.
Britam Cyber Iinsurance Benefits

Network security & Privacy liability

Covers claims against your business for failing to keep secure customers’ personal data (Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, medical information, passwords, etc). The loss could be caused by theft, unauthorized access, viruses, or denial of service attack. You will also be paid for costs associated with regulatory investigations and settlement of civil penalties levied by regulators where allowed.

Media liability

This a broad coverage that protects your business against claims or suits for damages caused by the unauthorized use of someone else's copyrighted or trademarked intellectual property. It also covers loss caused by the unauthorized use of any advertising material or any plagiarism.

Cyber Extortion

This cover protects you in the event hackers access your sensitive data and business secrets and hold the information hostage and demand money in return. In most cases, hackers threaten to release the information to public failure to their demands being met. We also protect your business in cases where hackers download malware to your website and block access by your web visitors and make demands for substantial financial payments.

Data Asset Loss

This covers software or data corruption or destruction caused by network security failure. The loss can also occur as a result of external network breach or an internal job carried out by an employee.

Business Interruption

Covers your business against loss of net profit that would have been earned had there been no service interruption resulting from a cyber-event. The cover also extends to cater for contingent business interruption losses.

Britam Cyber Insurance Specific Exclusions
  • Professional indemnity
  • Social-engineering fraud Inception Expiry Date of Previous Policy (subject to proof of uninterrupted cover)

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