Imarika Investment Plan

Imarika Investment Plan is a medium-term, goal-driven, unit-linked solution that offers you the opportunity to earn superior returns and enjoy life insurance at the same time. A unit linked insurance plan is one that offers a combination of insurance and investment payout.

This plan enables you to plan and achieve your goals, whether it is saving for a child’s education, creating a fund to start or expand your business, buy or build your new home or simply to diversify your investment options.

Imarika offers superior returns, flexibility, affordability and insurance protection. You can make regular contributions from as low as KES 1,000 daily, weekly or monthly. You can also opt for lumpsum contributions from KES 50,000. There is no upper limit to how much or how often you can contribute. As you contribute, your funds earn competitive returns. At the end of the selected period, the policy pays the maturity value to the policyholder.

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